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Delivering a digital health care as a Service
Enhancing the patient-physician relationship in the digital age


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Our innovative telehealth technology is fully integrated into the delivery of best health care service.

Million senior(65+) in U.S.


Hospital Readmission within 30 days of discharge


Seniors with 2 or more chronic conditions


Health-care costs are for chronic diseases

For Doctors


More patients engagement between the visits

HIPPA compliant easy to use platform

Reduce Readmission

For Patients


Super easy to use

Top-tier remote monitoring device

Continuous vital check up


  • Technology capability to build top-tier platform
  • Best RPM devices to optimize remote care solution
  • Provide more personalized and efficient service for patient
  • Top-notch call center dedicated to innovation, quality and superior remote patient service

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Your clinical, technical and operational partner

Delivering the care beyond the traditional wall of medical practice